Red Water

Red Water


The SeaQuest Solution

SeaQuest has a 2-pronged solution to red water. For iron from the raw water, SeaQuest is an unparalleled sequestrant due to its highly anionic charge and molecular weight. SeaQuest molecules surround all the iron in the water keeping it soluble and preventing further oxidation (like with chlorine). This means not only will the water remain clear and the iron remains in solution, free chlorine residuals can be improved.

For the iron in your pipes, SeaQuest stops the corrosion process from happening by consuming free radicals and creating a strong ionic film at the surface of the pipe wall.

What leads to Red Water ?

Red water is an unpleasant unsightly and sometimes dangerous phenomenon. Red water is caused by the oxidation of iron. There are 2 potential sources of iron that can cause this issue, the natural iron in the water and corrosion of the iron pipes in the distribution system.

While iron is generally safe to consume when oxidized, it looks unpleasant and can further disrupt the effectiveness of oxidizers such as chlorine. The presence of red water can often indicate un-chlorinated water.

Red Water

Dave is the Vice President and General Manager of AquaSmart, and a Chemical Engineer.

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