Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

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The CAASD (Corporation of the Aqueduct and Sewer from Santo Domingo) contacted Aqua Smart to improve the quality of the water supply. Their objectives were:

  • Characterize the water in the drinking water production and in the distribution system, to correctly apply the SeaQuest injection.
  • Eliminate the apparent reddish color and inappropriate odor in the water of the distribution system.
  • Improve chlorine indicators throughout the distribution line, with the goal of improving microbiological indicators over time.
  • Improve network conditions by addressing oxidation inside the elevated tank and pipes.

The results obtained during the development of the Pilot Plan, based on the laboratory analyses carried out by the CAASD on different dates and sampling points (Tank Outlet and Key Outlet #1), provide valuable information on the effectiveness of the actions implemented.

SeaQuest Injection Point

DR SeaQuest Injection Point

SeaQuest Sampling Point

DR Sample Point

In conclusion, the laboratory analyses carried out by the CAASD in different phases of the Pilot Plan reveal significant improvements in the quality of the water in the distribution system.

The correct application of SeaQuest injection has proven to be effective, reducing the reddish color and improving chlorine indicators throughout the distribution. In addition, an improved condition is observed in the network, addressing oxidation.

These results support the success of the pilot and suggest that the interventions implemented are promising for improving the quality of drinking water in the Dominican Republic.

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Dave is the Vice President and General Manager of AquaSmart, and a Chemical Engineer.

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