Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance


The SeaQuest Solution

We at AquaSmart have been hard at work preparing for the new regulations. Approved and used in all 50 states and over 30 countries and in continuous use for over 30 years SeaQuest has the performance history to satisfy even the most eagle-eyed regulator. Armed with data and history SeaQuest customers can be assured that they meet and exceed all federal state and local regulations. Able to treat at precise dosages with a wealth of data to back it up, SeaQuest is uniquely positioned to help you contend with the new regulations. Most importantly, dosing with SeaQuest will keep all water treated well within lead and copper action levels.

What leads to Regulatory Compliance ?

The labyrinth of Federal, state, and local regulations can be overwhelming and cumbersome. With new regulations already passed by congress, the entire industry is girding for some confusion and more intense oversight. Tightening testing and lead thresholds mean that many corrosion control programs no longer make the cut. With lead failures dominating the news in the industry now more than ever an effective corrosion control program that passes regulatory muster is a must. Water operators should be able to act in confidence both in keeping regulators happy and more importantly providing the public with safe and clean water.

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Dave is the Vice President and General Manager of AquaSmart, and a Chemical Engineer.

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