Hard to Measure Chemicals

Hard to Measure Chemicals

The SeaQuest Solution

Since the SeaQuest mechanism to control corrosion is not a physical layer of scale, it works in a dynamic system predictably. Dosing of SeaQuest is based on a molar relationship to divalent metals and total hardness, which can be reliably measured in the source water.

Since the SeaQuest continuously achieves phosphate equilibrium, the proper dose of SeaQuest can be verified all along the distribution system.

What leads to Hard to Measure Chemicals ?

Typical methods of corrosion control rely on attempting to place a physical barrier of mineral scale on the inside of the pipe wall.

Since the distribution system is dynamic, the way the scale is applied is highly variable. Additionally, it is difficult to reliably predict how much scale is being formed at various places inside the system.

The result is often improper dosing & excess scale buildup without knowing it.