Expensive Chemicals

Expensive Chemicals


The SeaQuest Solution

Because SeaQuest controls corrosion without adding a layer of scale, the dose (and total cost of use) required is typically much less than all other corrosion control methods.

Because the system can be operated at its natural pH, the cost of pH adjusting chemicals can be eliminated.

Because using SeaQuest keeps the system clean, while operating at a natural pH, the amount of chlorine required is much less.

What leads to Expensive Chemicals ?

Typical methods of corrosion control involve building scale on the inside of the pipe wall, which needs an elevated pH and a high dose of chemical. This approach can often lead to inadequate corrosion control, which results in releasing metal into the water, reacting with chlorine. Because of this, and because of the elevated pH, high volumes of chlorine are required.

While most of these chemicals seem inexpensive per pound, the overall effect is a very high cost of use.

Expensive Chemicals

Dave is the Vice President and General Manager of AquaSmart, and a Chemical Engineer.

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