The SeaQuest Solution

SeaQuest improves the efficiency of chlorine and keeps the internal pipe walls free from scale, which both contribute to a reduction in biofilm potential.

Additionally, some types of biofilm consume inorganic material as a food source. SeaQuest keeps these inorganic materials soluble via chemical sequestration, which effectively limits their ability to act as a food source to some types of bacteria.

What leads to Biofilm ?

Water systems are a natural breeding ground for bacteria, which start as single cells and eventually become large masses called biofilm colonies.

Biofilm typically occurs when there is inadequate disinfection or low flow. Symptoms are black / smelly water, causing the need to frequently flush the system. Once a biofilm colony is established it is difficult to control, and often results in excessive use of chlorine in an attempt to control.

Case Studies

Golden State, CA


Dave is the Vice President and General Manager of AquaSmart, and a Chemical Engineer.

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